Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Quarterly Report

First, we apologize for the fact that our monthly report has become a quarterly report. This was not, we assure you, our original intention. Our plan going forward is to never start another note to our network members with “we’re a little behind on the market report.” The first thing you’ll notice is that this report has a slightly different format and covers significantly more data. We’ve expanded coverage from model years 2000 – 2012 (Note that some vehicles do not have data for all model years). You’ll also notice several new luxury and exotic models that we are covering. We’re up to 162 vehicles covered in the report across 12 model years. Our plan is to add several more over the next few months. While we aren’t making excuses, it is interesting to note that over the past 3 months, prices on average across all luxury and exotic models covered in this report have remained largely flat. We continue to strongly suggest that using the iLUXCARS system on every vehicle to establish a up-to-the-minute market value for your vehicle is still the best practice. Among the new vehicles are Bugatti, Fisker, Koenigsegg, Pagani, and Tesla. We will continue covering these models over the coming months. We’ve also added coverage for a few BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz and Lamborghini. Why expand now? Simple, really, we’re growing. The iLUXCARS Network is in its 6th successful year. This market report is over 3 years running. It remains the single wholesale pricing authority on late-model luxury and exotic vehicles. Our commitment continues to be providing our members with accurate, actionable information gathered from live transaction data and experience. Remember, iLUXCARS is much, much more than a way to value your trades – iLUXCARS is a complete solution; from the time your customer walks into your dealership, through getting paid and the car off your lot fast. We’re the only complete and guaranteed solution to real-time management of your luxury and exotic trades. Our goal is simple and consistent – help you make more deals. Something we’ve been doing for over 5 years. So, if you’re not already using us to value every single trade, this is a great time to start. Like we keep saying: Faster. Safer. Better.