Friday, March 18, 2011

The iLux iPad Promotion

This month, along with the slightly late March Market Report, we're officially launching our first ever iLUXCARS Promotion. We're calling it the iLUX iPad.

As usual, it's simple – Sell a Car, get an iPad 2! No contest, no raffle, and no competition.

The iLux iPad.

Works like this:

  • List and sell at least one car valued at $50,000 or more on iLUXCARS
  • Complete the transaction (deal accepted) by Monday, April 4th 2011

You can submit as many cars as you want. Our strong suggestion is that you use the iLUXCARS System for accurate, up-to-the-minute research on every single deal. Make sure you describe the vehicles accurately, poorly described vehicles do not typically sell.

The offer is limited to one iPad 2 (16GB with Wi-Fi + 3G) per account on iLUXCARS. Promotion not valid for cars already listed on the network as of Wednesday, March 16, 2011.

We're a little late with the Market Report this month. (We were all wrapped up dealing with your new iPads). Prices were calculated on March 17th, so depreciation changes are over the last 6 weeks (vs. 4 weeks).

The good news is that some of the vehicles tracked by the Market Report went up over the last 6 weeks. For the most part, those vehicles that didn't move up stayed completely flat, another bit of good news.

Overall, prices shifted in a positive direction. (Aston Martin had a particularly strong month.)
Remember, the Market Report prices, while intended ONLY as a guideline, do represent the real money on these vehicles today.

iLUXCARS is much, much more than a way to value your trades – iLUXCARS is a complete solution; from the time your customer walks into your dealership, through getting paid and the car off your lot fast.

Complete and guaranteed.

Our goal is simple and consistent – help you make more deals. Something we’ve been doing for over 5 years. So, if you’re not already using us to value every single trade, this is a great time to start.

Like we keep saying: Faster. Safer. Better.