Sunday, June 6, 2010

Waiting Room

At iLUXCARS, our entire business is 100% focused on exactly one thing: help you make more deals. That’s it. We don’t have a showroom, a service department, or an advertising budget. We do exactly one thing – buy and sell trades.

Our value to you is simple – we’re there to start your deal. Because in order to close your deal you first have to start your deal. And a good start almost always involves putting the right number on a trade.

Ask yourself this: When you have a real, live customer in your dealership waiting for you to give them a number on their trade, how long can you afford to make them wait?
We think the answer to that is easy: 5 minutes. Make your customer wait any longer than that and you are in serious danger of losing the deal. Permanently.

Here’s our suggestion: as SOON as you have the details on the trade PUT IT IN THE SYSTEM.

Remember, you’ve got 5 minutes.

Here’s the good news: last month (April, 2010) we introduced an important change to the system. The idea is to give you a guaranteed, check writing, starting bid, fast – 5 minutes or less – designed to help you get a commitment from your customer.

We all know that people are better buyers than bidders. Most of the time, your car will do more money once you know the number it takes to make your deal. It takes a commitment to sell a car.

For sellers, this is the most important step to help us get you top dollar for your trade. For buyers, we don’t want to waste your time on cars that can’t be bought.

The way we see it - you’ve only got 5 minutes.

Remember, iLUXCARS gathers the data and publishes this report directly from the iLUXCARS System. In other words, this is not our opinion. The Market Report prices, while intended ONLY as a guideline, do represent the real money on these vehicles today.

Our goal is simple and consistent – help you make more deals. Something we’ve been doing consistently well, according to our users, for over 5 years.

Help you make more deals. One commitment at a time. Faster. Safer. Better.