Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Improving the Process

For almost 5 years, the mission of iLUXCARS has remained constant – help you make more deals.

This month we’re introducing an important change to the system. The idea is to give you a guaranteed, check writing, starting bid, fast – 5 minutes or less – designed to help you get a commitment from your customer.

We all know that people are better buyers than bidders. Most of the time, your car will do more money once you know the number it takes to make your deal. It takes a commitment to sell a car.

For sellers, this is the most important step to help us get you top dollar for your trade. For buyers, we don’t want to waste your time on cars that can’t be bought.

It works like this:
  1. Click “Enter a Car”
  2. Select the appropriate option (Start a Deal or Sell a Car)
  3. Enter the vehicle and click submit.
  4. In 5 minutes or less you’ll receive a check writing number via email.
  5. Take the number to your customer and get a commitment.
  6. Convert the vehicle to a Live Trade (Click “Open Bidding” in the “iLuxCars Offer” list), enter the committed number, and open the car to the entire network.
  7. You can accept the deal any time after you convert.
Our goal is simple and consistent – help you make more deals. Something we’ve been doing consistently well, according to our users, for over 5 years.

Help you make more deals. One commitment at a time. 

Faster. Safer. Better.