Monday, April 12, 2010

New, New Things

The April, 2010 market report has been updated. You can login to read it now.

The report has several important changes. First, there are 13 new models that we previously didn’t track.

The new models include Ferrari (California and the 16M), Aston Martin (DBS Convertible), Lamborghini (LP670 SuperVeloce, Gallardo Superleggera, and the LP560 Roadster), Mercedes (SL65 Black Series and the CLK63 Black Series), Porsche (Panamera S, 4S, and Turbo), and Bentley (Flying Spur Speed).

The other major change is that we are now tracking 2010 prices on models where we have statistically significant data. We stopped publishing prices for 2003 models, mainly for space reasons.

Of course, iLUXCARS will still give you a check writing number on 2003 vehicles, we just aren’t including them in the report.
These new, new things bring our report to a total of 100 luxury and super luxury models with substantial wholesale price data being tracked and calculated on a monthly basis. All of this data is, of course, free to iLUXCARS customers.

This month’s report, posted on April 7th, has prices through March 31st, 2010. 

Average overall depreciation for the month was actually negative (for only the second time in the history of this report). This means that prices actually went up between early February and early April, in some cases, prices went up substantially.

Because this is as rare as a black swan, let’s repeat: prices on several models went UP between Feb 18th and April 7th. Really. Bright green shoots of recovery, if you ask us.

Of course, this is another great reason to continue to use iLUXCARS. The real value in the iLUXCARS Platform is that it dramatically reduces your risk. If you aren’t putting every trade into the system immediately then you are living very dangerously.

Remember, iLUXCARS gathers the data and publishes this report directly from the iLUXCARS System. In other words, this is not our opinion. The Market Report prices, while intended ONLY as a guideline, do represent the real money on these vehicles today.

Our goal is simple and consistent – help you make more deals. Something we’ve been doing consistently well, according to our users, for over 5 years.

Like we keep saying – Faster. Safer. Better.