Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We realize this is becoming a bit of a habit, but we’re a little late again on this month’s report. However, this time it’s on purpose as it has been less than a month since the pricing guide numbers were recalculated.

We think you’ll be glad we waited.

First, we’ve added 6 new models to the report – Bentley GT Speed, Bentley Brooklands, Aston Martin DBS, Maserati Gran Turismo S, and Mercedes SL 63. We add new models when we’ve seen enough of them to have good data to use when calculating the report.

Second, we’ve added prices for several of the 2009 models to this month’s report. Again, we do this when there are a reasonable number of cars going through the System so that we can calculate the numbers with some degree of accuracy.

We’re also doing something that we haven’t done much since we started publishing the report – we’re raising prices on several models.

That’s right – you didn’t misread that – prices, at least for 10 of the 87 models in the report, have risen an average of 3.7%. You’ll see this in the Average Depreciation column as a negative percentage (-3.7%).

What’s more, the majority of the models in the report haven’t fallen. No change at all. Of the 87 models in the report, 64 (73%) have stayed exactly where they we’re last month. Like we said last month, this is very good news.

The iLUXCARS Network is a small, but specialized marketplace. It isn’t a complete bellwether of the overall economy, and we certainly can’t predict what’s going to happen to the overall car market. But we can say with some certainty that the luxury and exotic market is showing signs of true resiliency.

The world, at least our world, is on the road back to normal. Resiliency.

Remember, the idea of this report is to give you a general guide to the current wholesale market. If you are in the process of making a deal then you need to submit your car to the system. Every time. There is simply no reason to risk it.

Look, if you are in the luxury and exotic market then iLUXCARS should be the tool you use to manage your wholesale trades. Period.

Like we keep saying – Faster. Safer. Better.

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