Monday, June 22, 2009

No News

We’ve just published the June Market Report and we’re very happy to report that prices, at least, haven’t moved substantially in the last 6 weeks.

So, while most of our battered industry continues to struggle, our little segment – luxury and exotic wholesale – has been thankfully quiet. This lack of bad news is, at least in our opinion, very, very good news indeed.

Many of you have been using the iLUXCARS System successfully since we’ve started. While we’ve been saying that iLUXCARS is the best way to manage wholesale luxury, the fact that we’re still doing it, nearly 4 years since we started, is testament to how right we are.

iLUXCARS works for three very simple, very important reasons:

Reason #1 – The Network always knows the current value of a trade. You may know your local market, but you can’t possibly know the market in the entire country. The Network is never wrong.

Reason #2 – When you sell your car through iLUXCARS you get paid every time. WE write the checks. Every. Single. Time.

Reason #3 – iLUXCARS removes the risk associated with buying. Times are tough, especially in our business. The one thing you don’t need is more risk.

For almost 4 years – Faster. Safer. Better.