Thursday, April 23, 2009

April Delay

Yes, we managed to publish the April report almost three weeks late this month. The result of this is that several of the new values (marked Mar-09) actually reflect about 8 weeks worth of depreciation versus 5 weeks. We will make a solid attempt to be on time for next month.

Also, we have eliminated the iLUXCARS Appraisal from the submission process. This means that every car you submit will immediately be broadcast to interested dealers nationwide. This was a highly requested feature and after much thought and discussion we’ve decided to try it out for a while.

Just as a reminder, this market report was created to be used by dealers as a quick reference to what cars are doing on a national scale. Our appraisal function did the same thing on an individual car basis, but for many of you, it was a hassle.

Most of you were treating the appraisal number as a buy bid anyway – at least those of you who have been part of the network for a while, and the rest of you were either confused or annoyed by the extra step.

Starting today you won’t need to go through this extra step. When you enter a vehicle it will automatically be a Live Trade. When you get a bid it will be real money.

Faster. Safer. Better.

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