Monday, January 12, 2009

Our Mission

In the nearly 3 years since iLUXCARS was founded our mission has stayed remarkably simple: Help you make more deals.

Everything we do, everything we've built is focused on this single purpose. We help you by providing you a rich set of services and information:
  • Direct access to a full-time, professional, expert account manager. 
  • A complete infrastructure for managing every transaction you do with us. 
  • A 100% risk-free environment for your trades. We cover everything from the time the car is described until it arrives at your dealership. Payment, Shipping, Condition. All risk-free.
  • The iLUXCARS Market Report - the only pricing guide available with real values on luxury and exotic vehicles.
  • An unlimited number of iLUXCARS Appraisals. The only safe way to start your deal with a real number to give your customer.
  • Access to a nationwide network of luxury and exotic Live Trades. 
We do all of this to get a chance to make a deal on your trades. Of course, in order to make money we have to do a transaction. We have to get you to buy or sell a car.

So if we make money on transactions then why are we charging a monthly fee? One really simple reason - we want your commitment. We want your trades. Because we know that if you give us a chance at your trades we WILL make a deal.

Here's the good part - we're so confident that we're going to be successful together once you commit to using iLUXCARS we'll ONLY charge if you don't do a deal. Do a deal and it's free.

Yes, we're charging. But only if you don't use it. One deal a month. One trade across the finish line. One purchase. That's it. One deal and its totally free.

Faster. Safer. Better. And, if you use it - completely free.

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