Thursday, January 1, 2009

Internet Time

We're not sending a paper version of the January Market Report this month. Don't panic, we're still writing the report and you'll still be able to read it. 

Given the volatility of the today's market we felt that we couldn't send you numbers that were even a little bit out of date. When we print and mail the report, by necessity, the numbers are at least a week old. In the case of some vehicles, a 7 day old number is enough to cost you money.

We updated this month's numbers at literally the last minute - the afternoon of the last day of the month - December 31st, 2008. We'll send the report to you via email as soon as the final proofreading is complete - probably by the end of the day on Friday, January 2nd.

If you have problems reading or downloading the email attachment the report will be available for download on your homepage.

In the mean time - Happy New Year from iLUXCARS. 

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