Saturday, December 27, 2008

Real Value

We've been at this long enough to understand the real value of iLUXCARS.  We've spent a significant amount of time, effort, and money on all aspects of iLUXCARS. The result. we think, is real value beyond just the individual parts.

While it's absolutely critical to the business (we are an internet company, after all) - the system is only part of our real value. And, even though it's absolutely critical to your business, the real value in iLUXCARS isn't just the Market Report.

The core of what we do is actually really simple - we manage your risk. Think of iLUXCARS as a complete risk management solution. Complete. 

Payment - our money, our guarantee, our risk. Shipping - all iLUXCARS. Condition - same thing. Title - all us. Collection - still our problem.

Face it, given today's financial climate, managing your risk is your number one priority. And if it isn't then it should be.

iLUXCARS - the complete risk management solution. Real value.   

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Recent Updates

For those of you who don't get or (worse) don't read our email you should know that last week we updated values in the online version of the Market Report. It is available to download from your home page. To read it you'll need to log in and click on the large, friendly text that reads: "December Market Report."

Note that this update is available exclusively to iLUXCARS members

If you aren't a member or aren't reading the report then you should really think about changing that. Among other things, you are increasingly in the minority of professional dealers in the country.

Even if you aren't dying every month to read the informative and entertaining content in the report, you are certainly in need of the data. For example, In the 3 weeks between the time we printed and mailed the December issue to the last online update overall average depreciation - averaged across all models - has accelerated to over 5% (in 3 weeks). That's critical information.

We arrive at the numbers by analyzing the hundreds of millions of dollar's worth of luxury and exotic vehicles that are submitted to the iLUXCARS System every month. It isn't, in other words, our opinion. 

Look, even if you know everything there is to know about your market you still need to be safe. Especially today. Really knowing may just save you money. Hey, it may save you a bunch of money.

Faster. Safer. Better.