Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Time

Except for the Big Meal nationally planned for Thursday, the entire iLUXCARS team - Sales, Marketing, Development, Logistics, Accounting, (even Art!) will be working all Thanksgiving weekend. We, like most of you, are prepared for a big, successful Black Friday. (And Saturday, and Sunday.)

The iLUXCARS.COM site, of course, is always available (we're an Internet Company) and if you enter a Live Trade or an Appraisal even in the middle of pumpkin pie, the System will be working on it.

Some of your cars may have expired when you get back to the office on Friday. You'll need to look in the 'My Expired Vehicles' list and click Re-Open to turn them back into Live Trades. Simple. Fast.

Remember, if you start any deal without iLUXCARS then you are taking a serious, unnecessary risk. Start your deal right. We're here to help you make money.

Even while we're eating turkey.

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