Friday, September 12, 2008

Bidding Closed

Nobody likes being a buyer at an auction. We know, because we've been buyers at auctions. You're either afraid to bid because nobody else is bidding, or, you're mad that someone is trying to outbid you.

Buying cars at auction, in our professional opinion, sucks. 

And it isn't just us that feels this way - a significant percentage of the iLUXCARS network feel exactly the same way. We know this because you've told us. In some cases you've told us often.

So, we solved the problem.

First, we streamlined the selling process to ensure that the only cars you see have a commitment to sell at a known price. (Read more: Big Changes)

Second, if you meet or exceed the asking price on one of the committed Live Trades in the system we close the bidding. Which means you can't be outbid. Ever. Problem Solved.

Simple, really. You bid the money. You win. 

Bidding Closed. Like we keep saying: Faster. Safer. Better.

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