Friday, July 25, 2008

Your Questions, Answered

The Top Two Questions asked of our account representatives go something like this: "What buys the car now?" and "What's the deal on that car?"

The cars in the iLUXCARS Live Trades list are, well, Live Trades. This means that on many cars, we don't actually know the answer to these questions. That's because the seller doesn't know. And the seller doesn't know because their customer doesn't know.

Starting today (July 25th), when we DO know "What buys the car now" AND we have a real commitment from the seller AND the target price is on the money, we're moving the car to the top of the list. Cars with this sort of commitment and price are now in the "Buy it Now" group at the top of the Live Trades list in a friendly green color. Click the "Buy It Now" button and you win. No bidding, no waiting, you don't even need to call us.

For the FEW of you who haven't logged in today it looks like this:

Also starting today you'll notice that we've added the status of every deal in red bold letters right on top of the vehicle description. The "deal status" will be one of the following:
  • Target price buys car - This means we have a solid commitment from the seller and the car is priced on the money. These cars are in the "Buy It Now" list.
  • Client committed at target price - The seller has a commitment at the target price to make the deal. Needs the target or close.
  • Need buy bids to work with, no commitment from client - The seller has NO commitment from the customer and is looking for buy bids to start their deal.
  • Need buy bids to work with, client commitment price is over market value - The seller has a commitment from their customer but it is over market value. They need buy bids to start the deal.

To help answer another question we hear on a regular basis - "What do I tell the customer" we've improved and renamed the Appraisal Report.

The Appraisal report can be a powerful tool you can use when starting your deal with today's, how should we say, optimistic customer. Selling a Car 101 - always blame the market.

To print a report, click on "Appraisals" from iLuxCars Offers, select the deal you are working on, and click the "Report" button (circled in red below). To see a sample, click here.

As always, we're open to suggestions on how to make the System better. And, as always, we're happy to answer any questions.

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