Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Something Different

The first of every month we sit down together - sales, logistics, development, accounting, administration, marketing, and management - and ask the same question: "What are we going to do different this month?"

Last month, no matter how bloody it was, is all over but the counting. And if you're in the car business, well, there probably isn't that much to count. So while you could trudge along doing business the same way you did last month – it might be time for a small, but potentially very positive improvement.

Why not enter every high-end trade into the iLuxCars System as an appraisal? Just spend 2 minutes to enter every trade (even if you haven’t taken it in yet), and get an immediate appraisal from our extensive, nationwide market data in a guaranteed 5 minutes (Our Commitment).

Print it out. Educate the customer. Make your deal. Once you make the deal, give us a call and we'll open the vehicle up for bidding to the entire iLuxCars Network – nearly 1,000 members strong. Accept the iLuxCars offer – and we take care of everything. The car is off your lot - fast. Fax your title – get paid – fast (48 hours or less). Now that's something different, right?

And here's another benefit: entering your car into the System gives you a permanent record of every car. So, if your negotiation drags on for a few days – you'll have an easy way to re-start your deal.

If you’re not running every luxury and/or exotic trade through iLuxCars before you try to put a number on that car in today’s market, you are taking a serious risk. One of those money-losing sort of risks.

So, what are you going to do different this month?

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