Friday, June 6, 2008

Real Money

Occasionally we hear second hand what people are saying about the iLUXCARS service. Most of what we hear, unsurprisingly, is overwhelmingly positive.

The most consistent thing we hear: "iLUX? It works." (Exactly)

One of the more interesting things we've heard: "iLUX? That isn't real money."

Excuse me?

That is, the current bid in the System isn't actually real money. Really? News to us.

It could be that these non-believers haven't considered the fact that iLUXCARS operates nationally. The money in one market is frequently better than the money in another, and iLUXCARS is the only sensible way to take advantage of that.

It could also be that some of you don't really understand the iLUXCARS idea, or the iLUXCARS System, or the iLUXCARS guarantee, or the quality of the iLUXCARS service.

Or, maybe you're just jealous.

So - just to be crystal clear - it's real money.

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