Tuesday, June 3, 2008


When you start the process of selling a car to a customer that involves a trade, your first and hardest goal is to get a commitment. Now, while every customer has an idea of what they need for their trade, most of them think they are way too smart to actually tell you that number.

No commitment and the deal isn't started.

You need commitment. But to get that, you'll need a number to start the deal. And, the simplest way to get that number - a real number, a deal starting number - is to get an iLUXCARS Appraisal.

So to help with all this we have a new commitment to you - When you enter an Appraisal on the iLUXCARS System we promise that the System will give you number that you can use to start your deal in 5 minutes or less.

Promise. Appraisals in 5 minutes or less. Print it out if you want. Start your deal. Get a commitment.

(If you make your deal and want to wholesale the car, we'll convert it to a Fresh Trade deal - just give us a call.)

Now you have a commitment.

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