Friday, February 29, 2008

Significant Others

We understand that there are other people in your organization who may want to use the iLuxCars system but may not have your full authority to, well, spend money. However, many of our network members want their sales team to have access to iLuxCars but not be able to bid or submit vehicles.

So, because you asked, we've done it. If you want to add your sales team to the system here's how:
  1. Have them register. ( It'll take a few seconds. Use the same dealership name and address as you use, and we'll get them going faster.
  2. We'll call them shortly after their registration is submitted. When we call, have them tell us that they would like access to the system but that they won't be buying or selling. We'll be happy to walk them through the system as well.

Once your salespeople have been enabled, they'll be able to:

  1. Keep their finger on the real wholesale luxury market. Read our news, see active deals, and view open requests in the System.
  2. Look at what's selling now – that is, "Live Trades." If they see a car they can use, they can let you know. Remember, we're happy to enter a bid for you if you give us a call.
  3. Make Requests. If you need a car put it in the system as a request. Our software searchs this list every time a new vehicle is submitted.
  4. View status on vehicles you've sold or purchased. (My Account - Where's My Car and My Account - Where's My Check).

Give it a try. We're here to help.

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