Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Clearly Not

Sometimes the clearest way to describe something is to explain what it isn't. You know – black is not white, a democrat is not a republican, a coupe is not a convertible, wholesale is not retail, and iLuxCars is not a listing service.

Let's repeat that: iLuxCars is not a listing service. Clearly Not.

If you've put a vehicle through your shop, listed it on AutoTrader, EBAY, Yahoo, ThaList, duPont, or the like, then iLuxCars isn't the right place for your car.

Our marketing and positioning department may not have communicated this with total clarity, so, here goes:

What we do – what we're 100% focused on – is helping you make your deal. Early in the process. Before – way before – you've put money into the vehicle. If you have a customer with a trade put it in the system. Right away. We're the wholesale solution for Live Trades. If, on the other hand, you're looking for a retail listing service then iLuxCars isn't the answer.

The truth is, our network members (you) don't want to see cars on iLuxCars that are also listed on Tha List or EBAY. You've told us this. Many, many times. You've made that clear.

So, we're unique. We know. We help you make more deals. EBAY won't do this. They can't. Neither can AutoTrader, the duPont Registry, or Yahoo. Only iLuxCars.

There simply isn't anything else like us. Clearly Not.

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