Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oscar Quality

We've removed the movies from the home page. We got a bunch of good feedback on them, and we got a few minor complaints that it was a tad repetitive.

They are still on the site, of course, so if you want to watch (and we know that you do) you can. Play them here, here, and here.

The one thing we know is that if you were starting to tire of the movies then you were using us as we want - that is, you were (and are) logging in every day. That's good. Good for iLuxCars, certainly, but more importantly good for you.

iLuxCars happens in real time. Every day. All day. The only way to keep your finger on the real, up-to-the-minute, nationwide market on luxury and exotic vehicles is to participate in the iLuxCars Network.

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