Monday, January 28, 2008

The Dream

We've come to the educated conclusion that our network has some optimistic members. Especially in January.

This month, on average, the wholesale asking prices on vehicles you submitted are 16% higher than the iLuxCars offer amount. In November, they were only 7% higher.

And this means? You have a dream. We call it the retail dream. You've listed your vehicle at this price on eBay and Tha List. You were on the money only 88 days ago. And now? You're dreaming about that perfect retail customer walking into your store, paying the money - dream come true. Right?

Like we said - an optimistic January.

On average, high-end cars - $70,000 and above - heavy cars - the ONLY cars we handle - have depreciated a little less than 3% a month for the past 3 months. (2.87% to be exact).

Our opinion - based only on raw statistical analysis (of over 500 million dollars worth of Big Cars) - says that it may be time to consider a new solution. If you want to wholesale the car - then iLuxCars is almost certainly the right solution.

You guys are an optimistic bunch.

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