Monday, January 21, 2008


There was an article today by CNW Research with the quote: "The used-vehicle industry will receive a 'shock' this year" because of a projected 9% decline in "used-vehicle purchasing intentions."

You bet. To better illustrate this point - here's a snapshot of last year's wholesale prices on one of our more popular vehicles (2004 360 Spiders).

Most of you probably have a sense of this. Things have most definitely cracked. Which is why you might want to be a little more circumspect about putting numbers on your trades without checking with the iLuxCars Network first.

Think about it - there simply isn't a downside to being sure. The number you get from iLuxCars is the real money on the car. When you make your deal based on the number from the System you're safe. We suggest you enter every trade. Every time. No risk.

Things have cracked. Be careful you don't fall through.

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