Thursday, November 15, 2007


Tuesday night (late), we rolled out some new rules: The Rules Are Changing. Wouldn't you know it, only a day later and we've discovered a few things that aren't quite right. So, in the interest of providing you with the sort of service you deserve - we're doing another update. Tonight. Hopefully not as late.

There are 5 important changes:
  1. Fresh Trades will now expire 24 hours after bidding closes (not 2). This is to allow you, the seller, the time to make your retail deal and accept the iLuxCars offer. (If your car is entered on a Friday, bidding closes Monday at noon and the deal expires Tuesday at noon.) Inventory deals still expire 2 hours after the bidding closes.
  2. If your deal expires and you decide to reopen the vehicle you must lower your asking price (Reserve Price) by at least $100. Our single largest complaint (even including how much email we send) is that the reserve prices are too high. (this is wholesale, remember?) This rule helps address that concern.
  3. We've removed the "Reject" button. Reject was never really used the way we thought it would be and we felt that it was causing too much confusion.
  4. We've simplified the process when you forget your password. From now on all you need to do is to enter your email address and click the button. We'll send you your current password. If you have ANY problems, give us a call and we'll step you through it.
  5. If you have enough money on your car and you want to let it run until the bidding closes, let us know and we'll mark the car "Selling All The Way." When we have a car that is "Selling All The Way" the system will automatically accept the highest offer when the bidding closes.

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