Sunday, November 4, 2007

Selling All The Way

Some of you know that we're constantly working the site, trying to make it better, more useful, more fair, and, of course, simpler. We do a substantial update about twice a month, most of the time, however, it isn't something that leaps out and say "we've changed something."

This weekend is a little different - we're changing something. The reason we're making the changes is because you wanted us to. Last month we signed up our 700th member. This means that there are 700 potential buyers and 700 potential sellers in the network, and, from the site's perspective, 700 potential users with comments about how they would like the application to work.

What we've heard most from our 700 members is that they really, really want to know when a car can be bought. That is - when is a car selling all the way? So, we've got a new way to handle this. Here's the major changes:
  1. Bidding now closes on all deals at 11:00 AM PST. (that's sunny Southern California time).
  2. If a car's asking price is met (or exceeded) the system will automatically mark the car "Selling All the Way."
  3. When a car is marked "Selling All The Way" an email and text notification is sent to all members who are able to bid the car. The email is to remind you that the vehicle is selling when the bidding closes.
  4. If you are the bidder on a car and you've exceeded the seller's asking price (reserve), we'll tell you in your bid confirmation email.
  5. If the deal is "Dealer Inventory" then when the bidding closes, the system will automatically accept the deal on behalf of the seller and we'll go to work moving your car, title, and money.
  6. If the deal is a "Fresh Trade" your account representative will contact you shortly after bidding closes (11:00 AM PST) to determine the status of the deal.

So, big changes around "Selling All The Way." As always, we want your feedback, especially if this doesn't make sense. iLuxCars - the only sensible way to trade.

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