Monday, October 22, 2007


Halloween's a week away so we thought it was a good time to talk about something scary. No matter how long you've been selling exotic vehicles - this business is fraught with risk. Which is why members of the iLuxCars network should consider yourself lucky.

Successful businesses have to spend a great amount of their capital managing and mitigating their risk. Both human and real capital. Make the wrong choice, and you can be in real trouble.

Let's be honest - every wholeseller and dealer you have dealt with hasn't had your best interests at heart. If you've been doing this for even a short while, you have had your share of experiences where you had to chase down your money on a trade. You've had a car delivered that is less than promised. And you've had advice that put you into a car at a loss way before you had a chance to find a retail customer.

Even the auction isn't risk free. We've yet to meet a single frequent auction user who hasn't had at least one bad, expensive thing happen. Is that my clutch burning?

iLuxCars is all about eliminating your risk. Eliminating. You bid with NO risk. We backup the description, mileage, title, and condition. You sell with NO risk. If you don't get your price - don't sell. You get paid - by us - risk free. Every. Time. And, you get your car transported to you with NO risk. If the car falls off the truck we'll make it right.

Scary this business sometimes, isn't it?

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