Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Site Updates

We've made some changes to the application that address many of your requests. Probably the most significant is that you can now see deals that you bid but you, ahem, didn't win. In addition, you'll see the winning bid amount (which is, of course, a bit more than your bid) and if the deal was successful (Accepted).

You'll also see that we updated (slightly) the 'My Account' page. You'll see that it is a bit simpler, and it includes the 'Lost Bids' link under the 'My Transactions' link. All of this is an attempt to improve your overall experience while using iLuxCars.

Most importantly, you'll certainly notice a snappy new home page (after you login) with some Very Important Usage Information included. We've also shrunk the buttons a bit and added some great new pictures of fancy cars on the home page (because we just know that you can't get enough of that).

As always, we actually want your feedback - most of our changes are requests from our users.

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