Tuesday, July 17, 2007


For those of you still taking your luxury and high-line vehicles to auction, we ran into an interesting story today - "4 Injured In Car Crash At Auto Auction." If you want to see the video (not nearly as interesting as the iLuxMovie in our opinion), you can watch it on the Ocoee, FL local news station (Channel 9 - which is owned, incidentally, by Manheim).

We seriously hope that none of our network members were involved. If so, our sympathy. For those of you lucky enough to be missed by an out-of-control Cayenne, remember - iLUXCARS solves many of the problems with selling your vehicles at auction including cost, time, and occasionally some very real danger.

While this is probably an extreme example, we're pretty sure that using iLUXCARS has never involved risking your life.

Like we keep saying - the only sensible way to trade.

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