Friday, June 29, 2007


Starting and running iLuxCars has been nothing short of frantic. Exciting. Challenging. Fun. Exhausting. As some of you know, we now have the largest community of luxury and exotic dealers on the Internet. And people are signing up every day. Every. Single. Day.

Our Single Biggest Issue - hang on, transport needs the keys to the red 430 across the way. OK, I'm back. Hold on, the BIG printer is out of paper. Whew - we're growing. Fast. It's busy here.

Many of you have done what we're doing with your business. And, as you know, on some occasions you get so busy you forget to tell your customers what it is you really do.

One needs to focus. Obviously, the focus of iLuxCars is about helping you sell your vehicles wholesale. But, what we're good at - very, very good at, is helping you make your deal by buying your trades at good prices. Of course we're a great service for wholesale of your luxury and exotics that you already own, but that isn't our focus.

To be absolutely sharp about it - iLuxCars buys, at absolutely the best prices anywhere, any trade as it is happening. If you are making a deal that involves a trade of a luxury vehicle, most of the time we will get you enough money - fast - that it will be more profitable for you to wholesale the vehicle than it would to put the car on your front line.

Because this is important - we're sharpening our focus - we'll repeat that: Most of the time it will be more profitable for you to wholesale your trade through iLuxCars than it will be to put it on your front line.

You want to know why we're so sure of this? Because iLuxCars was originally created to solve this problem for the Ferrari and Maserati dealership group of Southern California. The process and costs involved in taking a car on trade, recon, management, and marketing all the time dreaming of a retail customer somehow turning our depreciating asset into some real money simply doesn't pay. The margins are too low. The risks are too high.

We're not saying that wholesale is the only answer. What we are saying is that because of the size and breadth of our national network, wholesaling your vehicle through iLuxCars is often the more profitable choice.

As usual, we're always happy to hear from you. We'd love to discuss this, or any, topic, any time. After all, we're working on focus.