Tuesday, May 22, 2007


We predict potential outcomes based on actions every day. If I speed in my car, I have a high likelihood of spending a weekend in traffic school. If I choose to eat an entire pizza at lunch every day I can predict I'll need new jeans on a more regular basis.

Each choice and potential outcome are part of our life's data set. The amount of data is relatively small, and the potential outcomes are well-known. We don't give the decision process much thought.

Many data sets we collect and use in our day to day lives and businesses are not as easily analyzed. They require a more expert analyses to form a reasonable prediction. Not all patterns are easily recognized; many contain seemingly unrelated data.

Making predictions on luxury vehicle values can be a squishy problem without proper data and proper analysis of that data. How will the new model year affect the numbers? What about lease returns? What's selling today and at what price? Who's selling and who's buying?

At iLuxCars, we have a great deal of data about what the numbers are and will be. We're constantly collecting this data. In fact, we feel that it is our most important job to analyze and refine this data and improve our predictions as it relates to this data. We're the expert opinion in this case, and it's our mission to recognize the patterns and share that information - predictions - with the network.

As a member of the network, you have access not only to fast, competitive wholesale numbers on luxury vehicles, but also our expert predictions on when you should buy and when you should sell (which is often more important).

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