Thursday, May 17, 2007

Let's Make A Deal

We've introduced something completely new and very likely brilliant this week - it's called Swap. You'll see it on your home page when you login.

Swap is a way for you to negotiate both a sale and a purchase at the same time. It allows you to negotiate with other dealers who have something you want to own.

It works like this: Say you own a white, 1999 Arnage with 50,000 miles and you are into the car for $62,000. The car is sitting on your lot, in your inventory, using your cash doing precisely nothing. Next, assume you have a customer that is dying for a silver '05 or '06 Ford GT. With the new Swap - you get to make a deal.

Enter your vehicle the way you normally would, but choose Swap on the page where you enter the type of deal and asking price (Swap, $62k). Next, in the swap list, choose the silver GT on the left, your priceless Arnage on the right, and click Finish. That's about all there is to it.

If you are the lucky owner of the silver Ford, you'll get an email (we can almost hear the moaning out there) from the system letting you know that there is a Swap Proposal for your vehicle. If you like the numbers, login and click the Accept button and both deals are made. If you don't like the numbers (small chance) you can change them.

Both of them. Just to be clear, you can suggest a different price for the '99 Arnage and/or a different price for your car. Each time you do this the other network member is notified and they have a chance to accept or counter.

Once you accept the other network member's proposal, we immediately begin the process of arranging payment and transportation for both vehicles. And, as you would expect, all fees and transportation are included, along with the guarantee - payment, title, and condition.

Happy trading.

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