Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Over Communicating

We've received a few complaints from members about duplicate email notifications on vehicles. Our first reaction was to scour our logs and databases to find the bug that sends more mail to some members than others. Well, we scoured, and found, quite happily, that we don't have such a bug.

We do realize it still looks like a problem with our system. So, for those of you who really care, here's some possible reasons:
  1. Forwarding loops
  2. Internet Glitches
  3. Mail client settings to POP3 accounts

Forwarding Loops
A forwarding loop can occur when you have at least two mailboxes, say "A" and "B." Mail received on "A" is forwarded to "B" and mail received by "B" is forwarded to "A."

If you are forwarding email from one server to another, this may be the reason.

Internet Glitches
If our server (or any server) that that handles mail delivery sends an email but does not receive an acknowledgement of its arrival in sufficient time, the sending server assumes the mail didn’t arrive and sends it again. The problem is that the first mail was probably received OK and it will be delivered to the persons mailbox. Then, the second mail would arrive shortly after.

The reason for the internet glitch can be exacerbated if forwarding is configured.

Mail client settings to POP3 accounts
For this category, We’ve read about a number of scenarios where there are multiple POP3 accounts and Outlook or Outlook express is set up to download the messages, but leave a copy of the message on the server.

In this mode, Outlook or Outlook express has to maintain a database of the messages that have been downloaded, so it doesn’t try to download the same one again. Occasionally this database can be corrupted and result in duplicate emails being downloaded.

There have been email duplication issues caused by Outlook 2002 prior to Service pack 2 of office.

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