Thursday, March 15, 2007

March Madness

Filled out your dealership's March Madness pool yet?

Here's how it typically works around here:
  1. You spend hours researching all 64 teams and turn in your completed bracket after a kiss for good-luck.
  2. You call in "sick" so you can watch each one of your teams lose by the end of the first weekend.
  3. The person that wins your pool every year is the girl who picked the teams based on jersey colors.
While we really don't have time for this sort of distraction, we do like to remind all of you that even though we're adding dealers faster every day, we are aware of the important things going on in the world. These are (from the iLUXCARS perspective):
  1. The real value of late model Aston Martins
  2. How to make our site even better looking (hard, we know).
  3. Will any of us make any money on the final 4.

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