Thursday, March 8, 2007


We had an explosion today near our corporate headquarters in Costa Mesa. Seriously. We're working away, writing code and taking bids and the whole top floor literally shook. As much as we would like to think that it was caused spontaneously by the remarkable activity on iLUXCARS, we're not prepared to take full credit - at this time, at least.

The trade floor was truly buzzing today - a record day, but, like we said, not enough to cause an explosion. At least, as far as we know.

Just so you know, nothing was damaged. Our web site is actually running in a nearly indestructible, fantastically redundant location near Pleasanton, CA. Also, we did a full safety check - trade floor, engineering, marketing, arbritration, even art - all fine. (We haven't heard directly about the team in the logistics group, but we're not worried - if anyone can handle it, they can.)

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