Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The way things work

We've had some confusion lately about when you are required to release a vehicle to our transport after you have accepted our offer. In particular, there are a few of our network members who want to wait until they receive title before the vehicle is released. As you probably have gathered, the reason for this is that we want to get the vehicle on the way to the buyer as soon as electronically possible.

So, and just to set the record straight, you are required, according to the user agreement, to be "legally capable of providing full ownership of the vehicle upon completion of the transaction."

What this absolutely does not mean is that you have to have title in hand. Rather, you just need to be capable of providing us the title. Remember, iLUXCARS is owned and backed by the Ferrari and Maserati Dealership Group of Orange County, Newport Beach and San Diego.

The Most Important Thing To Remember is that iLUXCARS guarantees payment and title. Questions? Give us a call anytime, we're looking forward to proving that iLUXCARS is the only sensible way to trade exotic and luxury vehicles.

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