Friday, December 1, 2006

Vehicle Colors

The iLUXCARS database has detailed information in its database for most vehicles. There are over 1,000,000 color records alone. However, we still run into the situation where the color of the vehicle you are entering isn't in the list. We allow for you to type a color combination of your choice in this situation (or any situation), but we've found that many users were aware of this.

As you would expect, deep within our engineering organization, we’re very troubled by this. Our first reaction was USER ERROR. We calmed down (eventually) and reluctantly started a design session to solve the problem. We talked, met, filled white boards, ate pizza, drank gallons of coffee, and finally came up with this: we'll just tell you about it.

So, here goes: you can type your vehicle colors if you don’t see the correct colors in the list.

We also decided (in a fit of design generosity) that we would put a watermark into the box where you type that says "Choose (below) or type the color", which many of you have already seen, but for the very few of you who haven’t visted the site today, it looks like this:

Accurate vehicle information is critical to the whole network, of course, so in the (rare) case where you don't see the correct color, type away, we'll get your meaning.

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