Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holiday Spirit

We're in a holiday mood here at iLUXCARS. Because of that, or maybe in spite of that, we've decided to entertain you with some holiday car trivia, loosely based on the numbers 1 - 12, starting today and finishing in, well, 12 days.

The First day - #1 most expensive production car of the 20th century
The Second day - German Tiger 2 tank in WWII
The Third day - 3-wheeled BMW Isetta
The Fourth day - Ferrari P4
The Fifth day - Bentley returns to Le Mans for a 5th win
The Seventh day - Rolls Royce helps drive to victory after 7 years of struggle
The Eighth day - Over $8 million at auction – Bugatti sets a record
The Ninth day - Just 9 miles from the Maserati factory to the Ferrari factory.
The Tenth day - Ferruccio Lamborghini owned Automobili Lamborghini for 10 years.
The Eleventh day - 11 years ago Maybach returned.
The Twelfth day - 12-litre class win for a 10-litre Maserati.

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