Monday, November 20, 2006

Issue One

We started something new this week - the iLuxUpdate and the iLuxCars Blog. (Actually, we just sent this out today, December 6th. Last month was a record month for us, and we got just a bit behind.) We're going to send it out to our members via email and publish it here as well.

For those of you who don't know what blog, RSS, syndication, mash-up, or Web 2.0 stands for (that is, those of you who are over 18 years old), think of it as an online newsletter, a "column" dedicated to free (and useful) information about luxury vehicles.

The iLuxUpdate is a way for us to share interesting and often valuable information about the luxury car market from our perspective. It is not shameless self-promotion (well, OK, just a little) but rather a way for us to let you in on a little of our extensive knowledge (we're modest too) about the wholesale luxury market.

Bentley GT's

As many of you probably know, we see more than just a few luxury cars every day. And, we're pretty tuned-in to what a vehicle is worth at any given moment. This week we're letting you in on some of this data, all of it related to Bentley. So, here goes:

The new GTC is on Bentley showroom floors right now and will be the hot car to buy over the holidays. These cars are selling for $40-$55K over sticker new.

If you have had a hard time getting your hands on Bentley GT’s, now is the time to buy. For those of you still holding onto you Bentley Continental GT’s, the market is telling us that it’s a good time to get out of those vehicles if you’ve got too many on your showroom floor. Over the past two months, the market on the GT has softened up tremendously.

Also, we're seeing some interesting price data (both via our network and external data) on these cars. It looks like this:

  • 06's with good miles are bringing $148-$155.
  • 05's with good miles are bringing $128-$135.
  • 04's with good miles are bringing $118-$125.

These prices are for cars with good miles (up to 13k) and normal colors (moonbeam, beluga, silver tempest, white. Not red or green.) If the mileage is greater than 13 adjust accordingly. There are a lot of GTC’s slated to be delivered in December. Any mulliner packages you can add an additional $5000 to the price.

And that's it. More to come, we promise, and on a slew of interesting topics.