Tuesday, December 19, 2006

How much is that Lamborghini?

For those of you who play with Lambo’s…or who would like to, here’s some feedback that we’ve found from our recent experiences with Lamborghini’s that you might want to chew on:

  • There are cars that can be bought for $10,000 back of sticker which used to be $10,000 over sticker a month ago.
  • Lamborghini’s LP 640 seems to be cooling off a little on the wholesale market.
    Gallardo Spiders seem to be doing $15,000 to $20,000 back of sticker for 2006 models, and 2007 models are $10,000 to $15,000 back of sticker. Of course, this applies to cars with short miles, (under 1000), cars with higher stickers and more miles may be even further back of sticker.
  • 2006 Gallardo Coupes are doing $160,000-$170,000.
  • 2005 Gallardo Coupes are doing $145,000-$155,000, depending on equipment and mileage. Cars with clear bonnets are more valuable.
  • 2004 Gallardo Coupes are still holding strong in the low to mid $130’s, with up to 7k or 8k miles, and E Gear transmissions…6 speeds are about $5,000 less.
    1997-2001 Diablo’s are on fire if they have less than 10k - 11k miles. These cars have gotten hot in the last few months again.
  • COLORS: For some reason there are a lot of silver cars available on the market, and they are bringing less money than yellow, orange, green, and black.

Remember, iLUXCARS is here to help you make it happen…and happen quickly! Put us to work. It takes less than a minute to submit your Lamborghini to iLUXCARS, and less than 1 minute to bid any Lamborghini that you’re interested in. If you need more info on vehicles, or just some assistance logging on, don’t hesitate to give us a call at any time. That’s what we’re here for.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holiday Spirit

We're in a holiday mood here at iLUXCARS. Because of that, or maybe in spite of that, we've decided to entertain you with some holiday car trivia, loosely based on the numbers 1 - 12, starting today and finishing in, well, 12 days.

The First day - #1 most expensive production car of the 20th century
The Second day - German Tiger 2 tank in WWII
The Third day - 3-wheeled BMW Isetta
The Fourth day - Ferrari P4
The Fifth day - Bentley returns to Le Mans for a 5th win
The Seventh day - Rolls Royce helps drive to victory after 7 years of struggle
The Eighth day - Over $8 million at auction – Bugatti sets a record
The Ninth day - Just 9 miles from the Maserati factory to the Ferrari factory.
The Tenth day - Ferruccio Lamborghini owned Automobili Lamborghini for 10 years.
The Eleventh day - 11 years ago Maybach returned.
The Twelfth day - 12-litre class win for a 10-litre Maserati.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Auction Tales

Think before you send your exotic cars to the auction.

We have found that the auction is a good place to dispose of cars with a value of up to about $70,000. Beyond that number, our experience over the years has rarely been good. (Actually, we’re being polite; it nearly always sucks.) It isn’t immediately obvious why it’s so bad. There is always a crowd around exotic cars – everyone wants a close look. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of actual buyers. When the cars do come to the block everyone crowds around – again, no bids, or, if you do have live money its thousands below what the market.

If you haven’t thought in detail about what it’s costing you to send your exotic cars to the auction and not sell them, let us break it down for you:

  1. Detailing: We all detail our cars to make them look good for sale day. Average cost: $125.
  2. Trucking: We have to get the vehicle to the auction. Average cost if auction is nearby (within 40 miles): $125.

  3. No Sale Fee: (or as the auction calls it the fee to check the car into the auction): $100. (This is the fee for most auctions, some are more).

  4. Return trucking: $125.

If we add these up it costs a minimum of $475 per car plus whatever your time is worth to waste a day arranging this spectacular success. (not including gratuity for people working at the auction on your behalf, conspicuously contributing to your bottom line.)

These are hard costs -- $475 to not sell your $70,000 plus car at auction. If we’re honest, this is only part of the problem. The auction, unlike those of us with iLUXCARS, is not your friend. The auction cares about sales percentages. A low sales percentage means crappy numbers for your next sale.

So, $475 out-of-pocket, a day wasted, and bad numbers for the next sale. This is assuming your keys haven’t been lost yet by the auction (don’t ask) and the car is actually in its correct run number. And, do not let us forget those talented auction drivers bringing your cars through the block. A clutch is a terrible thing to waste.

So you have a choice – you can cross your fingers and hope you have a real buyer in the crowd and a good auctioneer the next sale day, or, you can cut out all of the costs and headaches and sell your cars through us. Selling your car through iLUXCARS gives you access to the largest nationwide network of buyers for luxury and exotics in the world. And, if you don't sell it, it will cost you exactly nothing.

At iLUXCARS, we guarantee the money, title, and condition of the car. We also ship the car to your door so the risks of damage to the car in transit don’t apply to the buyer or the seller, only to iLUXCARS.

On-time payment, delivered, risk-free, guaranteed. Or, there's always the auction.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The way things work

We've had some confusion lately about when you are required to release a vehicle to our transport after you have accepted our offer. In particular, there are a few of our network members who want to wait until they receive title before the vehicle is released. As you probably have gathered, the reason for this is that we want to get the vehicle on the way to the buyer as soon as electronically possible.

So, and just to set the record straight, you are required, according to the user agreement, to be "legally capable of providing full ownership of the vehicle upon completion of the transaction."

What this absolutely does not mean is that you have to have title in hand. Rather, you just need to be capable of providing us the title. Remember, iLUXCARS is owned and backed by the Ferrari and Maserati Dealership Group of Orange County, Newport Beach and San Diego.

The Most Important Thing To Remember is that iLUXCARS guarantees payment and title. Questions? Give us a call anytime, we're looking forward to proving that iLUXCARS is the only sensible way to trade exotic and luxury vehicles.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Vehicle Colors

The iLUXCARS database has detailed information in its database for most vehicles. There are over 1,000,000 color records alone. However, we still run into the situation where the color of the vehicle you are entering isn't in the list. We allow for you to type a color combination of your choice in this situation (or any situation), but we've found that many users were aware of this.

As you would expect, deep within our engineering organization, we’re very troubled by this. Our first reaction was USER ERROR. We calmed down (eventually) and reluctantly started a design session to solve the problem. We talked, met, filled white boards, ate pizza, drank gallons of coffee, and finally came up with this: we'll just tell you about it.

So, here goes: you can type your vehicle colors if you don’t see the correct colors in the list.

We also decided (in a fit of design generosity) that we would put a watermark into the box where you type that says "Choose (below) or type the color", which many of you have already seen, but for the very few of you who haven’t visted the site today, it looks like this:

Accurate vehicle information is critical to the whole network, of course, so in the (rare) case where you don't see the correct color, type away, we'll get your meaning.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Issue One

We started something new this week - the iLuxUpdate and the iLuxCars Blog. (Actually, we just sent this out today, December 6th. Last month was a record month for us, and we got just a bit behind.) We're going to send it out to our members via email and publish it here as well.

For those of you who don't know what blog, RSS, syndication, mash-up, or Web 2.0 stands for (that is, those of you who are over 18 years old), think of it as an online newsletter, a "column" dedicated to free (and useful) information about luxury vehicles.

The iLuxUpdate is a way for us to share interesting and often valuable information about the luxury car market from our perspective. It is not shameless self-promotion (well, OK, just a little) but rather a way for us to let you in on a little of our extensive knowledge (we're modest too) about the wholesale luxury market.

Bentley GT's

As many of you probably know, we see more than just a few luxury cars every day. And, we're pretty tuned-in to what a vehicle is worth at any given moment. This week we're letting you in on some of this data, all of it related to Bentley. So, here goes:

The new GTC is on Bentley showroom floors right now and will be the hot car to buy over the holidays. These cars are selling for $40-$55K over sticker new.

If you have had a hard time getting your hands on Bentley GT’s, now is the time to buy. For those of you still holding onto you Bentley Continental GT’s, the market is telling us that it’s a good time to get out of those vehicles if you’ve got too many on your showroom floor. Over the past two months, the market on the GT has softened up tremendously.

Also, we're seeing some interesting price data (both via our network and external data) on these cars. It looks like this:

  • 06's with good miles are bringing $148-$155.
  • 05's with good miles are bringing $128-$135.
  • 04's with good miles are bringing $118-$125.

These prices are for cars with good miles (up to 13k) and normal colors (moonbeam, beluga, silver tempest, white. Not red or green.) If the mileage is greater than 13 adjust accordingly. There are a lot of GTC’s slated to be delivered in December. Any mulliner packages you can add an additional $5000 to the price.

And that's it. More to come, we promise, and on a slew of interesting topics.